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12/18/15 George Michaels continues to keep the topic of tax-aware investing (TAI) alive and well. Wall Street Letter's commentary section features "Tax Aware Investing Technology," Mr. Michaels thoughts on how investors can now use computer algorithms to avoid the year-end crunch and perform tax-loss harvesting as well as other TAI techniques all year long to optimize after-tax returns.
10/01/15 "What do retail investors have that institutional investors want? Ready access to sophisticated software designed to help them increase their investment earnings. Thanks to the rise of the so-called “robo-advisors,” 35+ firms with $19+ billion in AUM, more and more mass affluent investors (with less than $1 million in capital) now have the power of tax-aware investing (TAI) technology and the promise of improved after-tax returns – all at their fingertips."

Read more of George Michaels' article, "The Power of Automated Tax-Aware Investing," which is featured in Markets Media.
06/12/15 "On the 1960s television show Lost in Space, the robotic alarm "Danger, Will Robinson! Danger!" alerted the character to impending peril. Today it isn't science fiction: We embrace and rely upon automated alerts to warn of potential mistakes or something overlooked. Google calendar alerts remind us of meetings, Fitbit devices tell us when our activity level wanes. Daily alerts on positions and portfolios help investment managers to monitor the economic health of their investments. Tax-related alerts are increasingly helping investment managers harvest tax alpha and deliver optimized after-tax returns."

Read more about tax-aware investing in The Road To Tax Alpha, which is featured in the Risk Intelligence section of Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP).
05/28/15 What does Lost in Space, a 1960s TV show, have to do with tax-aware investing?
To find out, read The Road To Tax Alpha by George Michaels and Brian Roberti. The piece, featured in FINalternatives, discusses how intra-year tax analyses on trading activity can help investment managers avoid huge disallowed losses, generate tax alpha and improve after-tax returns.
01/21/15 George Michaels comments on how competitive the tax accounting / audit hedge fund space has become in Auditor ‘Arms Race’ Spawns New Technology, Hedge Fund Alert. The “Big Four” are pouring millions upon millions of dollars into new technology such as software that enables managers to understand the tax implications of their investment strategies. Michaels talked about this same topic in the TabbFORUM video Holiday Bonus: Tax-Informed Investing (12/16/2014).
10/29/14 Short sales can trigger certain taxable events, including Section 1259 of the tax code, the Constructive Sale rule. George Michaels and Accounting Today's Michael Cohn recently talked about how this rule works in the "Debits & Credits" blog Handling Tax Complexity on Constructive Sales.
04/15/14 Complying with cost basis reporting rules for simple debt is anything but simple. George Michaels shares his thoughts on this sticky topic in a recent FinOps Report article US Cost-Basis Reporting: Pay Up Now; or Pay A Lot More Later.
02/27/14 In a recent Accounting Today article, George Michaels discusses how spreadsheets, an accountant's favorite tool, may not always be the best choice to sift through millions of trades and identify wash sales and report accurate disallowed losses to the IRS. Read G2 FinTech Helps with Hedge Fund Tax Accounting.
02/06/14 The Hedge Fund Law Report Tax Practitioners Discuss Taxation of Swaps, Wash Sales, Constructive Sales, Short Sales and Straddles at FRA/HFBOA Seminar (Part Four of Four), features an in-depth discussion of the Tax Analysis of Securities Transactions (TAST) presentations given by George Michaels and several of his tax practitioner colleagues at the 15th Annual Effective Hedge Fund Tax Practices seminar this past November.
01/03/14 In Wall Street & Technology's Leveraged ETFs Create Demand for Tax Analysis Software, G2 shared some thoughts about the widespread adoption of ETFs and the new opportunites and challenges they represent for audit firms and fund admins. "What makes the fund admin different is they are doing a very important job in making sure their customers are in compliance with the IRS tax code," says G2's Brian Roberti.
9/25/13 Wall Street & Technology features our latest blog, Outsourcing Observations and Movement Toward the Cloud, by Brian Roberti.
8/07/13 FTF News: People Moves, G2 FinTech Adds to Client Services and Sales Teams, features Peter Kohli and Megan Bilkie, our newest staff members. Subscription to FTF is free.
8/1/13 “Hedge funds’ back office functions are going into the cloud right and left,” says George Michaels in Wall Street & Technology, Hedge Funds Increasingly Using Cloud For Back-End Computing.
7/31/13 FTF News: People Moves, G2 FinTech Adds to Advisory Board, features our newest Advisory Board member, Scott Devinsky, CFO at First Capital Management. If you do not subscribe to FTF News (free subscription), please click here to read more about Scott and our other Board members.
7/31/13 G2 growth is on an uptick. We welcome Scott Devinsky, CFO at First Capital Management, to our Adivsory Board, two new staff members and continue to embrace the cloud. G2 Fintech Adds to Advisory Board, Staff Ahead of Cloud Push, Waters Technology.
3/18/13 Read how admins are perfectly poised to offer their hedge fund clients a slew of new services in New Opportunities for Hedge Funds, Wall Street & Technology.
3/04/13 TabbForum features our Turning Taxes Into a Competitive Advantage blog in its Opinion & Analysis Section. Read all about how private wealth managers, who are increasingly tapping into alternative investments, can turn tax planning into a service differentiator. If you do not subscribe to TabbForum, click here to access the G2 Tax & Compliance Blog.
2/20/13 Our blog, What Can Hedge Fund Administrators Learn from Madonna, is featured in The Bull Run section of FTF News. You can read some of our other blogs at Tax & Compliance Blog.
2/08/13 The Upstart Vendors Break New Ground section of FTF News, Winter/Spring 2013 features G2 FinTech. Read what George Michaels has to say about Angry Birds and tax analysis software in G2 FinTech Tackles Thorny Tax Issues.
1/29/13 “For those struggling with CBR, fixed income has more taxable events than equities,” says George Michaels in Broker-Dealers Getting to Grips With Cost Basis Reporting, Markets Media.
12/11/12 Another media outlet has begun covering G2! Based on our recently published white paper, Opportunity Knocks: Private Wealth Managers and Proactive Tax Services — Lessons Learned from the Hedge Fund Industry, FundFire recently asked G2 “How Do Alts Impact High-Net-Worth Tax Management?” If you do not subscribe to FundFire, you can read Opportunity Knocks by visiting the white papers section of G2’s Tax Analysis for Securities Transactions Resource Page.
11/16/12 BobsGuide highlights G2’s most recent press release G2 FinTech White Paper Examines How the Adoption of Alternative Investment Strategies by Private Wealth Managers Requires Sophisticated Tax Analysis. To read this white paper and others, please visit G2’s Tax Analysis for Securities Transactions Resource Page.
11/14/12 G2’s latest white paper, Opportunity Knocks: Private Wealth Managers and Proactive Tax Services — Lessons Learned from the Hedge Fund Industry, is featured in TabbFORUM. If you are not a TabbFORUM subscriber, please visit G2’s Tax Analysis for Securities Transactions Resource Page to read this and other white papers.
11/12/12 Enforcing existing tax shelter rules is a surefire way to collect more revenue, says George Michaels in Retirement Savings Tax Incentives in Danger Post Election, Pensions & Investments, another media outlet that has begun covering G2 FinTech.
11/12/12 Investment News, yet another media outlet that has begun covering G2 FinTech, interviewed George Michaels for Obama legacy hangs on deal. Says Michaels: “He may upset a lot of people on the left, but I think the president wants to leave a positive legacy, and unlike 2008, he has to work with the Republicans to achieve that.”
11/9/12 On the heels of his re-election victory, President Obama already has another fight on his hands: get Republicans to agree with his proposed tax reforms. George Michaels tells Accounting Today “Looking very closely at what Obama says, there are some things he has suggested that are not likely to go through. He wants to create a second AMT system, an AMT 2, to make sure everybody pays at least a 30 percent income tax, but that is not what Warren Buffett had suggested, and it’s not likely to go through,” says Michaels in Obama May Not Get His Way on Tax Policy.
8/4/12 Albourne Village, a website for the Hedge Fund and Private Equity community, highlights G2’s formation of a strategic advisory board comprised of leading members of the tax, asset management, financial software and academic communities. If you are not a member of Albourne Village, read more here G2 FinTech Forms Advisory Board.
8/3/12 What do Mickey Mouse in the Disney movie, Fantasia, and Knight Capital’s out- of-control trading mishap share in common? Read what George Michaels, a former technologist at Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs and CEO of G2 Fintech says in What Went Wrong at Knight? Sell-Side Technology.
8/3/12 The Knight Capital IT mishap can have some very costly tax repercussions, says Michaels. “If they have $440 million in losses in 150 stocks for which they are market-makers on the NYSE, and actively trade on any of those stocks in the subsequent 30 days, they’re going to start triggering the wash sale left and right,” says George Michaels in Knight Debacle Calls for Regulatory Scrutiny and Caution, Buy-Side Technology.
8/1/12 We continue to get more new coverage! This time it’s from Opalesque, the daily hedge fund news service. Says George Michaels: “Because of the way the tax code is constructed, it is very difficult for professionals in wealth management to report tax information to investors and pay their own taxes accurately.” Read more in G2 FinTech forms tax management advisory board, advises managers to demand proof of performance from service providers
8/1/12 Our new advisory board will address several topics, including help with Tax Analysis for Securities Transactions and solutions for tax-related interactions with the IRS, CFTC and the SEC, says George Michaels in People Moves, FTF News.
7/31/12 Finextra and RFPConnect both feature our latest press release, G2 FinTech Forms Advisory Board.
7/25/12 Read about The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly behind getting ready for the last phase of the cost basis reporting requirements. The Bull Run, Financial Technologies Forum’s blog, features our latest blog: Preparing for Options and Fixed Income Cost Basis Reporting.
7/23/12 Thomson Reuters Accelus features G2's latest blog: Prepare now for options and fixed income cost-basis reporting.
6/25/12 “Wash, constructive, and short sales are very difficult to get right, and throwing in derivatives can get very ugly, fast,” says George Michaels in Automated CBR Software Helps Investors Count Their (Tax) Losses. Read more in Buy-Side Technology.
6/21/12 The message behind the CFTC’s suit against the RBC for using wash trades to dodge taxes is “if we find U.S. companies doing this, we’ll come down on you like a ton of bricks. This was a shot across the bow,” says George Michaels in RBC Suit Seen as Warning to U.S. Banks. Read more in American Banker.
6/19/12 When it comes to cost basis reporting and buying or building a solution, the ever increasing complexity of tax regulations will force more and more brokers to rethink internally developed systems, says George Michaels in CBR Rules Hit Home, FTF News.
6/15/12 G2’s latest white paper, Using Market Risk Concepts to Refactor Tax Shelters, is featured in TabbFORUM. If you are not a TabbFORUM subscriber, please visit G2’s Cost Basis Advisory Page to read this and other white papers.
6/15/12 Bobsguide and TabbFORUM both feature our latest press release, G2 FinTech White Paper Uses Market Risk Concepts to Clarify Murky IRS Tax Code.
6/5/12 The leading business pub, Forbes online, refers to George Michaels as a “wash sales guru” in Wash Sale Trap: What Is ‘Substantially Identical’?
5/31/12 Read what George Michaels writes about wash sales, ‘riskless’ transactions and private equity firms in Wash sales: A lurking issue in PE Manager, another pub that represents new coverage for G2!
5/19/12 High-net-worth investors need to be aware of the unintended tax consequences behind derivatives trades, comments George Michaels. Read Avoid Tax Surprises in Barron’s Penta, another media outlet that has begun covering G2 FinTech.
5/14/12 ISS-MAG, another media outlet that has begun covering G2 FinTech, consulted George Michaels when writing US Cost-Basis Reporting: Ten Steps to Prepare for the Final Lap. Read what Michaels says about Step 7, Verify: The accuracy of the 1099B documents.
5/11/12 The trend continues...more, different media outlets are covering G2 FinTech! CNBC.com, Yahoo! News, and the Chicago Tribune all feature George Michaels’ comments about JP Morgan’s $2 billion trading losses in JP Morgan may tip Wall Street’s hand on ploys to beat Volcker. Check out those websites or download a pdf of the article, which also ran in Thomson Reuters Accelus.
4/23/12 The RBC tax fraud scandal continues to loom large. This week George Michaels offers tips to compliance officers so they can proactively spot trading activities of this ilk and avoid problems with the IRS. You can download a pdf of the article,Tax Evasion Abroad: Tip of the iceberg for compliance?, which ran in Thomson Reuters Accelus or you can read the article on Compliance Complete’s website.
4/20/12 G2 FinTech continues to broaden its coverage in the press. Check out our latest piece in FX-MM, a magazine covering subjects such as capital markets and funding, corporate financial management, risk management and technology issues, and hot topics like the Volcker Rule. Volcker Rule compliance--Differentiating between proprietary trading and market-making.
4/11/12 Read what George Michaels has to say about risk-management models and alternative asset managers in Institutional Investor’s New Risk Software Turns Postcrisis World on Its Head.
4/09/12 The Opinion and Analysis section of TabbFORUM features George Michaels’ Tax Evasion Overseas: Just the Tip of the Tax Iceberg?, a commentary on the CFTC’s suit against the Royal Bank of Canada for committing fraud by executing a series of riskless transactions. If you are not a TabbFORUM subscriber, click here to read our Commentary or see our Commentaries and Videos section.
4/05/12 George Michaels discusses hybrid tax straddles and dividend farms in Advanced Trading’s Did the CFTC Err in Accusing RBC of An Illegal Trading Scheme?
4/04/12 George Michaels is a guest contributor to The Bull Run, Financial Technologies Forum’s blog. The Silver Butterfly Case--Straddles 101: Why tax straddles are important to a tax-aware portfolio strategy.
3/29/12 When it comes to complying with Form PF, there is no silver bullet, warns George Michaels in Form PF Will Be a Painful Burden for Hedge Funds, featured in both Advanced Trading and in Wall Street & Technology.
3/16/12 Thomson Reuters Accelus features George Michaels’ simple, yet powerful approach to enforcing the proposed Volcker Rule. Distinguishing between proprietary trading and market-making--a cheat sheet.
3/1/12 Bobsguide features our latest press release: G2 FinTech Announces Continued Sponsorship of Hedge Funds Care in 2012.
2/21/12 “In order to run accurate and audit-ready tax analyses, firms need to understand how straddles gains and losses affect wash sale calculations,” says George Michaels in Back in the Straddle Again, featured in Markets Media.
2/17/12 BobsGuide highlights G2’s most recent press release G2 FinTech Publishes Groundbreaking Straddles White Paper: Tax Implications of Straddles. To read this and other white papers, please visit please visit G2’s Cost Basis Advisory Page.
2/17/12 G2’s latest white paper, Tax Implications of Straddles, is featured in TabbFORUM. If you are not a TabbFORUM subscriber, please visit G2’s Cost Basis Advisory Page to read this and other white papers.
2/7/12 “The IRS says even if you turn in those 1099-B forms that are solely TARP compliant, that does not let you off the hook for tax evasion. Just like Al Capone, you could find yourself in federal prison,” says George Michaels in New Headaches for the Tax Season, featured in FTF News.
2/1/12 FTF News features our blog: The Reconciliation Trifecta: Workflow Efficiency, Wash Sale Reporting Accuracy and Cost Basis Compliance. If you are not an FTF News subscriber, you can read our Tax & Compliance Blog.
1/25/12 “Investment Managers and Hedge Funds must prioritize their action plans for Cost Basis Reporting, Form PF and FACTA. The alternative is to pay a heavy price,” writes George Michaels in Hedge Fund Tax Headaches and How to Avoid Them featured in TabbFORUM.
1/10/12 “All those Internet start-ups that have cloud or social media are flush with money and they’re out there hiring the best and brightest, which makes it really hard for Wall Street to get them,” George Michaels says in Traders Face Weak Hiring Prospects in 2012 featured in Wall Street & Technology.
10/19/11 George Michaels describes plans for newly formed G2 FinTech. Read more in Q & A: G2 FinTech’s Michaels Discusses New Company, Product Roadmap in Buy-Side Technology.
10/19/11 Securities Technology Monitor highlights the creation of G2 FinTech, formerly the software division of G2 Systems, in G2 Systems Spins Off Cost-Basis Reporting Unit.
10/3/11 According to George Michaels, financial consultants to the alternative community are telling Washington “...you can't possibly let this go electronic because we’re the only thing stopping the Bernie Madoffs from looting the money of the world. In fact, that’s not true. The reason they’re lobbying really heavily is they earn so much in fees.” Read more in Gate Technologies Pushes One-Stop Shop for Secondary Markets in Advanced Trading.
10/1/11 Carnegie Mellon Today highlights George Michaels and the other five alumni at G2 in Taxable Interest.
9/12/11 G2’s latest white paper, Prospective Wash Sales, is featured in TabbFORUM. If you are not a TabbFORUM subscriber, please visit G2’s Cost Basis Advisory Page to read this and other white papers.
9/1/11 Markets Media features G2’s latest white paper, Prospective Wash Sales. You can also visit G2’s Cost Basis Advisory Page to view this and other white papers.
8/30/11 “One size doesn’t fit all,” says Brian Roberti in his articleThe Keys to Hedge Fund Software Selection in Advanced Trading online. The article is also featured in our White Papers & Articles section below.
8/30/11 G2’s latest white paper, Prospective Wash Sales, is featured in COOConnet. If you are not a COOConnet subscriber, please visit G2’s Cost Basis Advisory Page to read this and other white papers.
7/19/11 TabbFORUM highlights G2’s latest white paper: Wash Sale Concerns for Mutual Funds & DRIPs. If you are not a TabbFORUM subscriber, please visit G2’s Cost Basis Advisory Page to learn about the white paper and more.
7/13/11 When it comes to unintended taxable events, “Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a pre-trade analytics engine that would tell you if you do this trade it will trigger some weird section of the tax code?” says George Michaels. Read more in Software Pitched as Tax Predictor in Hedge Fund Alert.
7/13/11 The opinion section of Global Financial Strategy News online runs One Size Doesn’t Fit All Hedge Funds by Brian Roberti, director, sales and marketing. If you are not a GFS News subscriber, please see our White Paper, Blog & Articles section.
7/13/11 Fund investors need to look out for the 30-day wash sale rule, says George Michaels. Read more in Fund Managers and Cost Base Reporting in Markets Media.
5/04/11 “We’ve seen what’s happening in the industry. It’s become more regulation-sensitive, more operational-focused,” says Michael Rodriquez, head of G2’s Accounting and Operations Group. Read more in G2 Crafts ‘Shadow Accounting’ Tool in Hedge Fund Alert.
4/15/11 “There has been quite a heavy migration of functionality away from prime brokers over to fund administrators,” says George Michaels. Read more in Changing Relationships Between Hedge Funds, Prime Brokers and Administrators in Global Custodian online.
4/08/11 “The way that broker-dealers calculate wash sales doesn’t address the loopholes that the IRS closed in 1997, so their statements aren’t IRS-compliant,” says George Michaels. Read more in IRS Issues Dog U.S. Hedge Funds in Markets Media.
4/04/11 A stricter regulatory environment and choppy fundraising conditions pose challenges for new funds. “The capital-raising is a big problem because you can't go to friends and family. You've got to find qualified investors,” says George Michaels. Read more in A Cold Shower for New Hedge Funds in Advanced Trading online.
3/25/11 “It's impossible for hedge funds to obtain a comprehensive risk perspective if their positions are spread across multiple brokers and custodians,” says George Michaels. Read more in Multiple Prime Brokers Vex Hedge Funds in Markets Media.
3/23/11 “Once Bridgewater does it, everyone will follow,” says George Michaels. Read more in Bridgewater Questions Need for Back Office in Hedge Fund Alert.
3/18/11 "Opening a London base will bring us even closer to our multinational clients and expand operations in Europe as a Premier Consulting Partner for Advent Software,” says George Michaels. Read more in G2 Systems Opens London Office in Global Custodian online.
3/16/11 Some broker-dealers have failed to quickly adopt to new IRS tax reporting requirements, says Brian Roberti, director of sales and marketing at G2. Read more in Broker-dealers 'exposed' on tax reporting in GFS News.
3/16/11 Five years of growth in implementation services prompts G2 to open London office. Read more in G2 Systems Sets Up Shop in London at WatersTechnology.com.
1/27/11 According to George Michaels, “The Volcker Rule is mainly an exercise in PR by the government so it can say it's putting a rule in place.” Read more in Volcker Rule: A Dead Letter? in Markets Media here.
1/13/11 The Dodd-Frank law will have a huge impact on the buy-side's technology infrastructure. According to George Michaels, on the trading side, many banks will look to simplify this process by building off of existing platforms. But with volumes and data traffic set to explode down the road, the swaps market is about to get a lot messier for the buy side. Read more in Buy-Side Must Pay to Play in New OTC Derivatives Market in Advanced Trading here.
12/2/10 According to George Michaels, managers with an established track record at big firms ... are going to be able to raise money to start hedge funds. But these start-ups are going to look to shift the cost of their software onto the sell side. "What you're going to see is a growth of IT systems where the buy side can get a technology and get the sell side to pay for it." Read more in 5 Trends Shaping the Buy-Side Trading Desk in Advanced Trading.
11/2/10 Hedge funds are raising money and on a hiring binge, according to George Michaels.    Read more in Hiring is Back on the Agenda for 2011 in Advanced Trading here.
10/22/10 According to George Michaels “The largest shops don't care about a fancy user interface, they just want raw execution.”    Read more in the Marketsmedia Prop Trading Report 2010 here.
10/4/10 G2 Systems is working with its partner EZX, an execution-only FIX connectivity provider, on a low-cost trading platform for prop traders. G2 will provide the interface to route orders for the traders and EZX will complete the execution of the order. From Providers Prep for Prop Trading in Wall Street Letter.
9/30/10 G2 Systems provides [prop trading firms] with the technology they need to execute trades based on the quantitative models they've developed during their stints at prop trading desks ... “We've developed an execution platform that's a poor man's Flextrade or Portware,” said [George] Michaels. "They don't need a fancy user interface, what they do need is cheap connectivity to executing brokers, and we provide that connectivity, whether it's in FX, equity derivatives, fixed income, or credit derivatives.” From Prop Traders Want No-Frills Execution in Markets Media Online.
9/20/10 George Michaels on the role of technology service providers on post-collapse Wall Street in The New Wall Street, published in Advanced Trading.    Requires Adobe Reader. To read on the web instead, click here.
9/16/10 George Michaels ... argues the [Volcker] rule may spark an unintentional boost for the folks running prop shops.    Read more in Morgan Stanley's Early History May Signal Bright Outlook for Prop Trading Desks in Advanced Trading here.
2/4/10 See what George Michaels has to say about addressing the new cost basis reporting regulations in B-Ds Play Dangerous Game by Making Regs 'Next Year's Problem' from Markets Media Online.
1/1/10 See 60 Seconds with George Michaels from Waters Online.
10/28/09 According to George Michaels, "Primes are waking up to the fact that there's real money to be made in financing, and are offering one-stop shopping...They're admitting there's a problem with the old system and are combining different business units." Read the whole article in Hedge Fund Alert here.
10/28/09 Michael Rodriguez, co-founder of HighRoad Fund Services, joins G2. “We are delighted to have Michael join our firm,” commented George Michaels, founder of G2. “With Michael on board, we now offer clients solid fund administrator and fund accounting consulting services in addition to our strong technology and software solutions.” Read the whole article in Wall Street & Technology here.
10/1/09 According to George Michaels, principal with consultancy G2 Systems, everyone hopping on the risk solution bandwagon just adds more frustration to the already harried CIO. "It is difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff with all of the marketing [nonsense]. You have to do your homework..." Read the whole article from Waters Online here.
6/10/09 "We're a combination of seasoned Wall Street veterans and the finest talent from the top engineering schools." Partner George Michaels describes G2 in A Great Combination For Wall Street — George Michaels and Mark Hill from Mann on the Street.
4/5/09 Partner Mark Hill on repeal of the uptick rule in Investment News.
3/24/09 George Michaels on Treasury's ability to manage its Toxic Asset Plan in Advanced Trading. See the whole article here.
1/15/09 According to partner George Michaels, “I think the safest way for hedge funds to market themselves with data-rights protected information is to do it through an intermediary because there cannot be that interaction between a hedge fund manager and individuals.” Read the whole article in Hedge Fund Law Report here.
12/16/08 Partner George Michaels on the trade-offs between client access to hedge fund data and security in Hedge Fund Law Report here.