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G2 Data Warehouse

Trade data is the core of your business. You need easy access and control for analysis, migration and reporting. G2 Data Warehouse (G2DW) delivers all this and more.

An advanced data storage system for portfolio accounting data, G2 Data Warehouse provides a snapshot of your data stored within leading back-office hedge fund accounting systems. G2 Data Warehouse maintains an automatically refreshed copy of the investments, tax data, and performance metrics of your company's investment portfolios.

It operates in two different modes: Intraday Smart Mode and Historical Mode.
Intraday mode intelligently discovers and updates only those investments that have been impacted by changes to transactions (portfolio events) since the last update. This mode makes keeping G2DW up-to-date throughout the day fast and easy.

Historical mode, on the other hand, is meant to run overnight and update the entire portfolio once a change is detected. This method is slower but it allows G2DW to properly adjust for items, such as cash balances and corporate actions, which can only be calculated once an analysis of the entire portfolio is conducted.

Once in the warehouse, your trade data is easy to analyze and migrate to either standard software programs or custom applications. That means you have control over which programs access this data. The data is also easy to report on using standard tools, such as Microsoft SQL 2005 SSRS and SSIS, and Crystal Reports. G2 Data Warehouse helps you maintain an up-to-date profile of your trade data so you can make informed and timely investment decisions.

Product Features

  • Investment data is updated throughout the day with the Automatic Intraday Smart Mode Update method.

  • Investment data is refreshed during the night with the Historical Mode Update method.

  • All data in warehouse stored in a relational database, such as SQL Server 2005.

  • Support for standard objects within your back-office accounting system, as well as key performance indicators such as daily profit and loss, open tax lots, and per transaction cost details.

Product Benefits
  • Rapid Queries and Reporting
    Data is pre-processed overnight so users can perform instant queries without waiting for your fund accounting system to perform a time-consuming execution run. G2 Data Warehouse has all your tax lots, positions and P&L pre-computed.

  • Load Transfer
    By transferring the overhead of handling reporting requests to a relational database, the G2 Data Warehouse allows the mission-critical accounting system’s server to run efficiently and smoothly, regardless of the number of report users.

  • Reporting Flexibility
    Leverage your in-house expertise using your own reporting tools, use our catalog of standard reports, or request customized reports that match your business’ distinct and unique needs.

  • Flexible Access
    Access your accounting system's data via company intranets, MS Excel, or other custom applications.

  • Data Integration
    Merge your accounting system's data with data from other sources to provide a comprehensive, one-stop repository for information.

  • Additional Data Redundancy
    Data in the G2 Data Warehouse operates independently from the production accounting system's environment. This guarantees that you can continue to access your data, even if the accounting system's server is unavailable.

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