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Commentaries & Videos

Video: In this TabbFORUM video Holiday Bonus: Tax-Informed Investing (12/16/2014) George Michaels speaks with Alexander Tabb, TABB Group, about tax accounting / tax books and how firms are using tax-informed investing to minimize capital gains / tax liabilities and put money in their clients’ pockets by incorporating tax information in their investment decisions. If you do not have a TabbFORUM account, registration is free.
Commentary: The CFTC is suing the Royal Bank of Canada for tax fraud. In Tax Evasion Overseas: Tip of the Iceberg? George Michaels sheds some light on why a U.S. entity could never get away with these alleged activities.
Commentary: George Michaels offers a simple, yet powerful approach (Michaels Metric) to enforcing the proposed Volcker Rule. Read the commentary letter we sent to Washington on 1/24/12. You can also read what Traders Magazine has to say about the Michaels Metric in Independent Voice Offers Solution to Volcker Rule ‘Problem,’ 2/24/12.
Video: In Hot Tax Issues for 2012, a TabbFORUM video, features George Michaels discussing the different options hedge funds have to comply with more aggressive IRS tax code.
Video: This Global Custodian video made at SIFMA, June 2011, features Brian Roberti and spotlights G2.
Video: Watch this TabbFORUM video and learn what George Michaels says about tax compliance and hedge funds.
Video: View thisTabbFORUM video and hear what he says about the new ways hedge funds are examining portfolio risk.
Video: Watch this video of George Michaels talking about his deep experience with Geneva's thorough instrument cover on Advent's website.