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G2 FinTech to Host Tax-Aware Investing Webinar

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Imagine the following scenario: A Taxpayer buys 100 shares of XYZ Corporation on May 5, 2015. XYZ produces a dividend whose ex-date is July 7, 2015. What would happen if the Taxpayer sells her shares of XYZ on July 10th, 2015? Would those dividends qualify for preferential tax treatment? What are the tax implications of this possible sell? If the dividends don't qualify, when will they qualify? When can those shares be disposed of so the taxpayer minimizes tax liabilities? Our November 18th webinar: “Tax-Aware Investing” (10:00 am PT / 1:00 pm ET) will answer these and other questions about tax-sensitive investing.

To follow a tax-sensitive investment approach, it's important to understand the sections of the tax code that govern taxable gains and losses and determine an investor’s tax liabilities. The IRS recognizes certain investment losses based on whether portfolio holdings meet criteria such as risk exposure (hedging) and holding period requirements, and taxpayers must pay either short-term (higher, 39.6%) or long-term (lower, 20%) capital gains rates. Using this and other criteria, tax-aware investing reports can alert investors to the tax implications (which losses will be disallowed and which tax rate will apply) of that trading activity.

This webinar explores how investors can work with the rules of the tax code to achieve favorable after-tax investment results. The event is almost at full capacity and it's no wonder...everyone wants to avoid nasty scenarios such as huge unexpected disallowed losses or worse yet, tax liabilities on non-existent gains. George Michaels, a leading authority on tax accounting / tax analysis of securities transactions, will lead this talk and discuss Qualified Dividends, Lot Disposition, Constructive Sales and Tax Straddles. Similar to previous webinars, Mr. Michaels will use real-world examples of trading activity to illustrate how tax-aware investing reports can help investors understand the tax implications of their trading activity and use that information to modify trading activity in order to maximize after-tax wealth.

Similar to our other Taxable Events webinars, active participants can earn CPE credit.

For more information and to register for this no-cost webinar, please click here.

To read our blog on tax-aware investing, "Tax Alpha and the When Factor," please click here.