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Strong Turnout at Annual Hedge Fund Tax & Compliance Conference

Thursday, November 20, 2014

We saw a great turnout at this week's 16th Annual Effective Hedge Fund Tax Practices Conference, hosted by Financial Research Associates (FRA). With plenty of representation across hedge funds, fund administrators, accounting firms and advisors, we met new contacts and re-connected with clients and old friends.

Daniel Tilkin, Software Engineering Team Lead and William Fang, Senior Business Analyst, represented G2 during the breakout sessions. William discussed wash sales and constructive sales two sections of the IRC on which he is well versed and has written about in several white papers. His co-presenter, George Teixeira of Anchin, Block & Anchin LLP, was quick to mention that tax-loss harvesting is something firms need to do throughout the year, as opposed to year-end – plugging TaxGopher as the software solution that offers this kind of functionality and can help funds increase post-tax stock returns.

Dan covered straddles, as part of his session, walking us through all four types: basic, identified, mixed, and identified mixed. There was some discussion of instances when basic versus identified straddles yield better tax results. Dan's co-panelists discussed 1256 contracts and Section 988 of the IRC. Of note, several sessions mentioned the importance of automating processing for straddles, functionality that G2 has successfully implemented in recent years.

Several panels broached a possible global FATCA-like common reporting standard (GATCA?) perhaps as early as 2016 or 2017. One panel in particular dealt with year-end tax planning and discussed how wash sales can be used and abused to reduce the year-end tax bill.

As we wrap up another tax conference, we would like to thank the other tax experts who help to inform us of new developments in the industry. These conferences, along with our customers and board of advisors, help shape our product roadmap for upcoming software releases. Click here to view our Facebook pix.

We look forward to our next FRA tax conference, Hedge Fund Tax 101 and K-1 Bootcamp, January 26-27, 2015, NYC, where Daniel Tilkin and William Fang will participate on the Taxation of Investment Transactions and Financial Instruments Parts 1 & 2 panels, respectively.